About us

We live and breathe collaboration

DB Build is a Luxury Builder providing a personalized service for Clients, Architects, Building Designers and Developers on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW. Our Open Builders licence allows us to go with our clients on a variety of projects together and brings a strong capability to any works DB Build undertakes.

Capability Statement

DB Build is a celebrated luxury builder with unparalleled expertise crafting awe-inspiring opulent homes and boutique whole floor apartment developments focused on personalised service for clients, developers, architects and building designers.

Every project is a holistic approach that goes beyond bricks and mortar and becomes a captivating masterpiece, pushing the boundaries of architectural innovation. Our core mission is to meticulously curate dream homes that transform everyday living into an extraordinary experience for our clients and the community. A reputation for excellence in workmanship, dynamic thinking with quality setting us apart from other builders, our dedication to innovation is showcased through cutting-edge design and the orchestration of spaces that elevate living to an art form. 

A team personally invested in your project from start-to-end with unmatched out of the box thinking, committed to crafting quality homes that withstand the test of time. We don’t just build homes; we craft legacy residences while maintaining the highest standards of quality, scheduling and budgets within the construction industry. 


Our residential building process is about seeing your project through from start to finish. It's our job to make sure every space is meticulously delivered to your documentation and expectations. We find ourselves aligning with people that are passionate about building luxury spaces, that require expert craftsmanship and strong communication during the construction phase.


Commercial projects require a special understanding of project management and client communication. With large scale government projects in our swag of experience, we can help you deliver project of prominence, within budget and on a time scale that suits you.

Design and Construction

Our bespoke design and construct service is available to clients who want DB Build to work collaboratively with their Architect, Building Designer, Structural Engineer, Interior Designer, Project Manager, Hydraulics Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer & Consultants in developing projects of distinction and design.

Project Management

At the core of our business is project delivery that requires meticulous planning, communication, listening and tools to help you understand how a project is progressing. We offer project management as a service to all of our clients who value on time and budget delivery of projects.

The Golden Triangle

Our commitment to the process allows us to continue to grow organically as a company without the ego.

The Golden Triangle ethos is our grass roots approach to our responsibility to our clients, developers, architects, & building designers.


We strive to be the best within the industry and uphold the highest standards. Our reputation within the industry is second to none.


A construction budget is a cost estimate or a financial plan that outlines the expected construction costs and expenses associated with a project. This serves as a guideline for allocating funds and resources throughout the entire construction process, from inception to completion.

We take developing a construction project budget seriously when a detailed analysis of the project is performed. This takes into account factors such as the scope of work, project specifications, building codes and regulations and any unique requirements or challenges. 

Construction budgeting is so important because it helps control costs, supports strong relationships, guides decision making, highlights risk and provides clear documentation for all involved on the team to work from.


Construction scheduling helps keep our projects on track. While maintaining timelines & milestones to help communicate our goals to everyone involved in the projects, our Clients can rest assured the investment is under control and moving forward.